Catherine Jones

Catherine Jones leads the coverage and analysis of all health and medical issues for Channel 5 News. Health stories are always an important focus for the programme, and in the last year she's broadcast a special series about dying and end of life issues, and exclusive reports exposing failures in mental health care and cancer screening.


In January 2016 Catherine was nominated for the Royal Television Society Award for Best Home News Coverage for her stories about the escalating crisis the NHS is facing. Catherine has also gained recognition for exposing unethical gastric band surgeons, and her 2013 investigation into the illegal sale of DIY cosmetic 'dermal filler' injections led the MHRA to take action against the company concerned.


Catherine's interest in health and science journalism stems from studying Psychology at Aberdeen University. During a 20-year career she's covered events as diverse as the Iraq War and the Oscars, and despite her specialism she still reports on a wide variety of other stories for 5 News. Originally from Essex, Catherine is 44 and lives in west London with her husband and two daughters, who are regularly roped into being filmed to help their mum!

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