Who we are

We work across the UK improving social mobility in journalism by raising the aspirations of young people.

Only19% of top journalists were educated at non-selective schools 


We develop the skills, confidence and outlook of disadvantaged young people so that they can follow their career pathway and by doing so improve social mobility.


Our vision is to support freedom of expression by recognising the ambitions of independent journalism in the public interest. It is vital journalism attracts young people from marginalised communities, disadvantaged, BAME and disabled backgrounds. Of Britain's top 100 journalists, around half are privately educated (compared with 7% of the population) and go on to elite universities. Journalism should reflect all audiences. 

Our principles

  • social diversity adds value to newsrooms - different thinking, attitudes and a richer mix

  • diversity in journalism strengthens democracy and encourages transparency in society

  • diverse newsrooms can reach all communities

  • diversity helps facilitate a greater understanding of the society journalists report on

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