Jason Farrell

Jason Farrell is a Senior Political Correspondent for Sky News. Since January 2014 he has been reporting on the major political developments in the run up to the General Election.


Earlier in the year he was in Brazil making a hard-hitting report about Child Prostitution which was also made into a documentary. Last year he also made films about April Jones, Mick Philpott and Madeleine McCann. He also recently produced an exclusive investigation into child welfare problems in Blackpool.


Previously he explored the social impact of the Euro crisis in Greece and Spain and carried out numerous exclusive investigations for Sky News. He exposed the multi-million pound business of Land Bank Fraud. He also explored the growing problem of illegal immigrants sleeping rough in London and he was the first reporter to uncover the issue of high street banks mis-selling interest rate products to small businesses, a scandal that eventually led to huge pay-outs across the sector.


Jason came to Sky in December 2010 after five years as Crime Correspondent for Five News where he was twice short listed for the Royal Television Society's Specialist Journalist of the year Award.


His exposes included highlighting animal welfare failings on farms endorsed by the RSPCA's Freedom Food Scheme, the exposure of sexual predators in online teenage chat rooms, an immigration advisor running a sham marriage operation and uncovering a paedophile ring in a virtual online domain.


A number of these investigations led to arrests and successful prosecutions.


Jason started out at News Direct radio and ITV News before moving to Five. His previous jobs include Marketing Manager at a ski company and an insurance company, construction worker in the Middle East and ice cream salesman in Italy. Jason was also once a downhill ski racer.

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