The mentoring scheme


The John Schofield Trust Mentoring Scheme offers the opportunity for a select group of young journalists each to have one-to-one mentoring for a year with an experienced practitioner in the broadcast and online news industry.


It is a pioneering mentoring scheme for young journalists which offers up to 25 applicants the opportunity to be mentored by the best journalists in the industry. We have the support of senior journalists who encompass the best in broadcast and online journalism.


This is an exciting opportunity for young journalists to develop their professional skills. It will offer those already working in newsgathering further access into the broadcasting industry when it can be of most help, with the kind of insight into the news industry normally only available to staffers.


The Trust’s mentoring scheme is an invaluable tool for mentees: it offers some extremely experienced guiding hands for the next generation of newsgatherers.


How does the scheme work?
We invite all talented young journalists to apply for the mentoring scheme. Those chosen by the selection panel will be matched up with an experienced journalist for a year-long mentoring programme.


To become a mentor please contact the Trust using the contact form.


To become a mentee, applications open on 1st January each year. To learn more how to apply click here.



2015 Mentors

We are very grateful to all our 2015 mentors.

To learn more about all of our mentors from last year please click here.

We are very excited to welcome all of our 2016 mentors, both new mentors and those who have kindly mentored for the Trust in previous years. We wish you and your mentees a very successful year.

To read more about all of the mentors please click here.


Applications are now closed for the 2016 mentoring scheme.

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