RTS Young Talent of the Year Award

The John Schofield Trust set up the RTS Young Journalist of the Year Award in 1996 in memory of John.


The award, which was renamed the Young Talent of the Year Award in 2014, is for the best work during the year by an on- or off-screen journalist under the age of 30 (on the last day of the 12-month period from which entries are invited).


Many of the past winners have since progressed to become well known operators within the news industry.


How to apply:

  • No more than two entries per channel of up to 30 minutes.

  • Entries should consist of three excerpts, with no internal edits, preferably demonstrating a range of content.

  • In the case of off-screen journalists it will be particularly helpful for the jury to be provided with background information on how the individual journalist contributed to the items.

  • Entries should be sent to the RTS (not the John Schofield Trust)


Further details are available on the RTS website.


John’s friends and family also instigated the Royal Television Society Young Journalist of the Year bursary of £1,500, a prestigious award given to the journalist deemed by the RTS judges to have fulfilled their criteria.

Previous winners:

2020 Martha Kelner

2019 Anja Popp                            2018 Nawal Al-Maghafi    

2017 Waad al-Kateab                   2016 Benjamin Zand

2015 Mstylav Chernov                  2014 Peter Smith

2013 Ciaran Jenkins                     2012 Joe Casey
2011 Rohit Kachroo                      2010 Tamanna Rahman
2009 Hannah Thomas-Peter         2008 Hamish Macdonald
2007 Matt Williams                        2006 Faisal Islam
2005 Alex Millar                            2004 Mark Daly
2003 James Reynolds                  2002 Tim Samuels
2001 Nicola Pearson                    2000 Matthew Price
1999 Peter Lane                           1998 Glenn Campbell

1997 Donal MacIntyre                  1996 Cary Johnston



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