Susannah Schofield

Susannah Schofield met John in 1986 when they were both studying at the University of Sussex and they married in 1993. With the support of family and friends, Susannah set up the John Schofield Memorial Trust after John’s death.
Susannah now works as Head of Alumni Relations at Alleyn’s School in south-east London.

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Would you like to inspire a journalist at the start of their career, or perhaps you are one looking for guidance?


The John Schofield Trust pulls in some extraordinary people across the broadcast industry. It bridges the gap between established journalists and their ‘young’ counterparts.

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Wendy Wilson is an executive coaching and mentoring specialist, providing change management and transition coaching within creative industries. Her coaching consultancy delivers flexible professional development coaching support to organisations and individuals across a variety of creative industries including the UK media (TV, film and broadcast news).

Wendy has a Masters in Coaching and Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University with a specialism in cross-cultural coaching. Married to a journalist she has lived and worked overseas in many countries including Russia, the Middle East and the USA.

Wendy Wilson

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