Mentoring for young professional journalists


The John Schofield Trust mentoring scheme offers the opportunity for a select group of young journalists each to have one-to-one mentoring for a year with an experienced practitioner in the broadcast and online news industry.


It is a pioneering mentoring scheme for young journalists which offers up to 25 applicants the opportunity to be mentored by the best journalists in the industry. We have the support of senior journalists who encompass the best in broadcast and online journalism.


This is an exciting opportunity for young journalists to develop their professional skills. It will offer those already working in newsgathering further access into the broadcasting industry when it can be of most help, with the kind of insight into the news industry normally only available to staffers.


The Trust’s mentoring scheme is an invaluable tool for mentees: it offers some extremely experienced guiding hands for the next generation of newsgatherers.


How does the scheme work?
We invite all talented young journalists to apply for the mentoring scheme. Those chosen by the selection panel will be matched up with an experienced journalist for a year-long mentoring programme.


To become a mentor please contact the Trust using the contact form.




UPDATE 19 MAY 2020

You may have seen that we opened our application round in March for the next early career mentoring scheme. However, given COVID-19, we have revised our plans and are delaying the 2020-21 scheme by six months, i.e. we will invite applications in the autumn with a view to start the next mentoring scheme in January 2021. If you have already applied you do not need to re-apply. We asked current mentors and mentees if they would continue their mentoring remotely for an extra six months to support their mentees during these difficult days and months. We are delighted to report that nearly all have agreed and, for the small number of mentees whose mentors are unable to extend their mentoring until the end of the year, we have assigned them to new mentors. 

To be considered as a possible mentee on the John Schofield Trust mentoring scheme, you need to meet the following criteria:


  • You must be working as a journalist in the UK, either employed or freelance.

  • Candidates are expected to be in their first few years of professional life within broadcast and/or online journalism.

  • The scheme is not designed to help those who are still in full-time education. If you are a Year 12 student, you may be interested in our e-mentoring schme.

  • You must agree that you will use the mentoring scheme for its proper purposes, and not abuse the contact with the mentors, who are helping us voluntarily.

Being a John Schofield Trust mentee will put you in direct contact for a year with some of the leading journalists in British broadcasting. To help us make a fair selection from the applicants, we need you to provide three things:


1. Please explain why you think you would benefit from the John Schofield Trust mentoring scheme (maximum 200 words).


2. We would like you to tell us about one story or assignment in your career so far where you have made a significant contribution to your employer’s news coverage. Tell us what your role was, and how you rose to the challenge. If you are an apprentice give examples of two stories you have worked on and what you have learnt. This needs to be no longer than 250 words.


3. We would like to see a supportive reference from an established senior journalist or journalism tutor – it might be a senior reporter, the editor of a publication you have worked on, or someone who has taught you on a recognised and accredited journalism course.


The selection panel is made up of the trustees and supporters of the Trust. You can download the application and reference forms below.

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